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Collaborative Divorce – What Is It And Will It Work For Me?

How much turmoil can a 16-year old bear? Mom died. Bio dad at war with uncle (stepdad). Facing separation from USA, school, friends, siblings. How much did this cost ? So much upheavel, angst. Could #collaborativelaw #collaborative have helped this family?

Had parties tried #collaborativedivorce #collaborative in initial proceedings, anticipated end of ch supp, how much“alimony” could've been paid w/ $ spent on attorney fees & costs for protracted postjudgment proceedings, appeal, remand, further litigation?

Although parties, by collaboratively reached parenting plan, cannot divest the trial court of its independent obligation to consider child’s best interests, or invite adoption of a parenting plan with prospective-based terms upon happening of future events, ...

Effective July 1, 2018, Florida Legislature creates part IV of Chapter 61: “Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act” (UDPCVA). Ch. 18-69, § 1, Laws of Fla. (creating new sections 61.703-773, Florida Statutes).
HB 1217:

Overstreet v Overstreet 4/25/18 1st DCA Case of 1st impression
3-year assignment of Navy servicemember to Guam would be a permanent change of station, triggering no right to designate family member to exercise time-sharing during a temporary assignment.

De La Piedra v. De La Piedra 4/25/18 1st DCA – Reverses order setting temporary alimony, child support, and W’s attorney fees representing more than 90% of net income of husband-attorney, who financially supported family while homemaker-mom raised 3 kids.

Consider #collaborativedivorce & opportunity to avoid fees & costs of divorce litigation. How much $ and time could be saved by collaborating depositions, subpoenas, temporary hearings, interrogatories, trials, appeal, remand...

Lewis v. Juliano – 04/18/2018 – 4th DCA – Trial ct couldn’t cut off mom’s timesharing as sanction for her disobeying order to provide her address. Modification requires substantial change in circumstances & proof modification is in child's best interests.

Greene v. Greene – 04/18/2018 – 1st DCA – Mom & Dad’s disagreement re meaning of “Thanksgiving” winds up in threats, texts, police intervention. Mom’s interpretation was unreasonable, but trial court improperly tagged her with dad’s attorney fees.

New tool for use in developing options as #collaborative teams figure out marital and nonmarital pieces of premarital accounts. #collaborativepractice #collaborativedivorce #collaborativefamilylaw

I’ve been honored to serve my community in Congress. Cindy & I have decided that I will not seek re-election.

I look forward to continued public service in my next chapter, where I will return to the practice of law and will pursue opportunities to increase civic education.

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