Harness Collaborative Contract Power silhouette of electric posts in sunset.

Harness Collaborative Contract Power!

By Michael P. Sampson A Climate of Positive Energy Valentine’s Day 1990. The founder of ...
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White Dove in Hands. How You Divorce Has Consequences Collaborative FAQs

FAQs Florida Collaborative Divorce

Frequently asked questions regarding Florida Collaborative Divorce. ...
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Collaborative Family Law: Florida Favors Settlement Agreements

Florida favors settlement agreements of family law disputes. Parents may agree to take on obligations ...
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Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) Statewide Chart of Enactment

Please see the statewide chart of enactment of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA), with ...
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Man and woman holding hands together with boy and girl looking at green trees. Photo by John-Mark Smith (Unsplash)

Collaborative Family Law Agreements: Parenting Plan Basics

What is a Parenting Plan? In Florida, a ‘Parenting Plan’ governs the relationship between parents ...
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Silhouette of 3 flying birds in pink red sunset. Photo by Ray Hennessy (Unsplash). Six defenses to International Child Abduction under the Hague Convention.

Defenses to Child Abduction Claims: Hague Convention

A parent who moves with a child from the child’s home country to another country, ...
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Parent Daughter Florida Income Deduction Orders

Florida Income Deduction Orders

On December 5, 2019, the Florida Supreme Court amended the form for income deduction orders. ...
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Florida Parenting Coordinator Rules

The Supreme Court of Florida amended the Florida Rules for Qualified and Court-Appointed Parenting Coordinators (“Parenting ...
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Update Florida Beneficiary Designations After Divorce

What happens to your beneficiary designations of your spouse when you divorce? With few exceptions, ...
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Remind Divorced Employees to Update Beneficiary Designations

Employers: think about reminding your employees to update their beneficiary designations after divorce. For multiple ...
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Divorce and Beneficiary Designations — Florida Statutes §732.703

Introduction  How does divorce affect your beneficiary designation of your ex when you die?  Multiple ...
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Collaborative Parenting Plans: A Child’s Prospective Best Interests

Collaborative Parenting Plans in Florida divorce or paternity cases may address your child’s future best ...
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Clear glass ball on brown rock. Photo by Raimond Klavins (Unsplash)

Collaborative Family Law Agreements: A Child’s Future Best Interests

Judges Must Make Decisions About Children’s Best Interests Based On Present Facts, Not Future Best ...
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Woman in black shirt holding clear glass ball. Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva (Pexels)

Florida Parenting Plans & Events Reasonably Certain to Occur

When Can a Judge Look Ahead? When ordering a parenting plan in a Florida divorce ...
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Woman holding glass ball covering right eye. Photo by Jonathan Sebastio (Unsplash)

Children’s Best Interests: Parenting Plans Entail Prediction

Parenting plans govern parents’ future conduct in relationship towards each other and towards their children.  These ...
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Men standing near red crane haulling large heavy circular object. Photo by David Carballar (Unsplash)

Collaborative Parenting Plans: Extraordinary Burden for Modification

In Florida, parents face an extraordinary burden for modification of a parenting plan. This burden ...
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Two kids pillow fighting with feathers flying. Photo by Allen Taylor (Unsplash)

Collaborative Parenting Plans: Judges Must Safeguard Children

When considering parents’ agreements, judges must safeguard children. A court isn’t bound by parents’ agreements ...
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White moon in hands. Photo by Gantas Vaiciulenas (Pexels)

Collaborative Parenting Plans: Anticipating Events Certain to Occur

Parents in Florida divorce and paternity cases may anticipate and plan for events reasonably certain ...
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Woman in black blazer sitting on brown wooden chair. Photo by Shahin Khalaji (Unsplash)

Parenting Plan Modification: Enlist Court Review When Events Occur

A court has an ongoing obligation to safeguard minor children’s best interests. Collaborating parents may ...
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Woman holding crystal ball in front of plants. Photo by Bruno Thethe (Pexels).

Collaborative Parenting Plans: How Will You Resolve Future Impasses?

Many parents agree to resolve privately future impasses if they can’t agree on decisions for ...
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American Alligator. Photo by Jack Kelly (Unsplash)

Contingencies Parents Build into their Parenting Plans in Florida Divorces

For events you anticipate, can you build into your parenting plan modifications? CN v. IGC: ...
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Man pushing trike loaded with sacks. Photo by Adli Wahid (Unsplash).

Florida Parenting Plans: Agreeing to a Different Burden for Modification

You may agree your judgment will provide for a lesser burden for modification than the ...
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Beneficiary Designations: Checklist for Collaborative Teams

This Beneficiary Designations Checklist for collaborative teams can help couples develop options for beneficiary designations ...
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Collaborative Marital Settlement Agreements: Insurance Policies

On divorce, Florida law automatically revokes beneficiary designations under insurance policies in favor of an ...
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Automatic Revocation of Will Provisions that Affect an Ex-Spouse

Spouses should know Florida Statutes automatically revokes certain will provisions upon a final judgment of ...
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Collaborative Marital Agreements — Beneficiary Designations After Divorce

Florida law revokes on divorce beneficiary designations that “affect” an ex-spouse.  For more, read here, here ...
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Florida Parenting Plans – Consent to Child’s Mental Health Treatment

How do parenting plans provide for consent to mental health treatment for a child?  What ...
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Parental Responsibility and Decision Making

Parents in Florida divorce and paternity cases decide if they will share parental responsibility and ...
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mother with two children - shared parental responsibility or sole parental responsibility

Shared Parental Responsibility and Sole Parental Responsibility

Parents who “share parental responsibility” retain full parental rights and responsibilities for their child. This ...
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Shared Parenting – Retained Consent to Mental Health Treatment

Florida law treats consent to a child’s “mental health treatment” differently from other shared major ...
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Florida Law: Each Parent Retains Consent to Mental Health Treatment

In 2016, Florida law changed to mandate, in parenting plans designating shared parental responsibility, that ...
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Doctor showing laptop information. Retained Consent to Mental Health Treatment

Collaborative Practice: Shared Parental Responsibility for Health Care

How do courts in Florida handle shared parental responsibility over a child’s health care? Florida ...
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Collaborative Process: Clarifying Intent About “Mental Health Treatment”

Florida’s divorce and paternity statutes don’t define “mental health treatment.” When they’re sharing parental responsibility, ...
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What Is “Mental Health Treatment”?

Florida law provides either parent may consent to their child’s mental health treatment. But, what ...
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Language – “Mental Health Treatment”

Parents in the Collaborative Process may consider using definitions of “mental health treatment.” This article ...
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Informed Consent By One Parent – Florida Mental Health Professionals

When Florida parents divorce and share parental responsibility, either may consent to mental health treatment ...
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Informed Consent Mental Health Requirements Florida shade photo of a woman Callie Gibson Unsplash

Florida Mental Health Providers & Informed Consent

Florida’s mental health treatment providers, and their professions’ corresponding statutory informed consent requirements, include: Mental Health ...
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What If Parents Disagree About Child’s Mental Health Treatment?

One parent disagrees with the other parent’s consenting to mental health treatment for their child. ...
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Lighthouse Water Corporation or Trust Challenges to Service of Process or Jurisdiction. Photo by Anastasia Zhenina (Unsplash)

Corporation or Trust Challenges to Service of Process and Jurisdiction

By Michael P. Sampson (part 1 of 8)   What corporation or trust challenges to ...
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Fish caught in green net. Challenge to Personal Jurisdiction and Service of Process. Photo by Vikas Anand Dev (Unsplash)

Challenge to Personal Jurisdiction: Service of Process

By Michael P. Sampson (part 2 of 8) Service of Process – Effective Service is ...
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Family Law Pleadings Must Allege Basis for Personal Jurisdiction. Photo by Todd Rhines (Unsplash) Hand outstretched to sunset.

Family Law Pleadings: Allege Personal Jurisdiction

By Michael P. Sampson (part 3 of 8) For the Florida court to adjudicate claims ...
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Personal Jurisdiction Long arm statute or alter ego. Colorful hands. Photo by Tim Mossholder (Unsplash)

Personal Jurisdiction – Long-Arm Statute or Alter Ego Theory?

By Michael P. Sampson (part 4 of 8) A spouse may attempt to bring in ...
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Long-Arm Jurisdiction: Specific or General?

By Michael P. Sampson (part 5 of 8) First Prong: Is Personal Jurisdiction Over the ...
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Florida Family Law Alter Ego Jurisdiction. Woman behind sheer curtain. Photo by Ian Keefe (Unsplash)

Alter Ego Basis for Jurisdiction in Florida Family Law Action

By Michael P. Sampson (part 6 of 8) Alter Ego Basis for Jurisdiction: Piercing the ...
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Five Monopoly Hotels

Jurisdiction Over Property at Issue in Florida Divorce

By Michael P. Sampson (part 7 of 8) In Rem Jurisdiction Over Real and Personal ...
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Black Labrador Taking Oath Raised Paw. Affidavits to Support Challenges to Jurisdiction in Florida Divorce. Image by Fabian Gieske (Unsplash)

Affidavits to Support Challenges to Jurisdiction in Florida Divorce

By Michael P. Sampson (part 8 of 8) Sworn Affidavits: Important to Be Prepared! An ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: FAQs

This final installment of a 7-part series about domestic partnership agreements answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: Financial Disclosures and Privacy

This sixth installment of a 7-part series about Domestic Partnership Agreements discusses financial disclosures and privacy. ...
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Survivor’s Rights on Domestic Partner’s Death

This fifth installment of a 7-part series about Domestic Partnership Agreements discusses survivor’s rights on ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: The Home and Joint Expenses

This second installment of a 7-part series about domestic partnership agreements discusses the home and joint ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: Overview

This first installment of a 7-part series gives an overview of  domestic partnership agreements. Married and ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: Support When the Relationship Ends

This fourth installment of a 7-part series about Domestic Partnership Agreements discusses support when the ...
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Florida collaborative dissolution forms

Florida’s Collaborative Divorce Forms

In 2020, the Supreme Court of Florida adopted collaborative divorce forms. See Florida Family Law ...
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Collaborative Divorce – Rule 4-1.19

This article discusses Florida’s ethical rule for the collaborative law process in family law matters, ...
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Child running through sprinkler yellow background.

Custody of Children by Extended Family Member Including Fictive Kin

An “extended family member” may ask the court for “temporary” or “concurrent” custody of a ...
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Florida’s Collaborative Law System

Florida’s collaborative law system for collaborative divorce has four parts: a statute, a family law ...
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Florida’s Collaborative Process Forms

On October 15, 2020 (updated November 12, 2020), the Supreme Court of Florida approved Florida ...
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Why Jeff Bezos should have gotten a prenup & why you should too

By: Hanna Horvath, Policygenius The richest couple in the world is a couple no more. ...
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Domestic Partnership Agreements: Separate and Jointly Acquired Property

This third installment of a 7-part series about Domestic Partnership Agreements discusses separate and jointly ...
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Florida Collaborative Law Process Act, §61.55 – 61.58, Florida Statutes

PART III, CHAPTER 61, FLORIDA STATUTES COLLABORATIVE LAW PROCESS ACT 61.55 Purpose. 61.56 Definitions. 61.57 Beginning, concluding, and ...
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Florida Collaborative Family Law Rule of Procedure 12.745

RULE 12.745. COLLABORATIVE LAW PROCESS(a) Application. This rule governs all proceedings under chapter 61, part ...
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Collaborative Divorce: Dividing Retirement Accounts

The Challenge: In collaborative divorce, dividing retirement accounts can be tricky.  Collaborative teams, usually with ...
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Second Parent Adoption – Florida Reinstates Same Sex Adoption

In the Matter of the Adoption of D.P.P., 158 So. 3d 633 (Fla. 5th DCA ...
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