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A judge should respect & uphold parents’ custody agreements unless there's a valid reason not to that's related to (1) the child's best interest or (2) a finding the agreements were involuntary or came by fraud. Photo by Robert Collins (Unsplash). #collaborativedivorce #divorce.

A parent who disagrees with the other parent’s consenting to mental health treatment for their child often faces costly, time consuming, and inadequate remedies. Read more #mentalhealth #divorce #childsmentalhealth #collaborativedivorce.

Judge rules in fatal love triangle life insurance dispute

Collaborative Parenting Plans: When considering divorcing parents’ settlement agreements, judges must safeguard children. But judges have no free hand to disregard parents’ wishes. Read more: Photo by @AllenTaylorJr (Unsplash). #collaborativedivorce

Divorce is one of life's most stressful events but there are ways friends can help lessen the stress.
#divorce #divorcesupport #collaborativedivorce

A spouse trying to pull a foreign corporation into a divorce case may allege it's the other spouse’s “alter ego.” The spouse may urge the judge to find grounds to “pierce the corporate veil” of the entity. Read: Photo by Ian Keefe (Unsplash) #alterego

Florida highly favors settling family law disputes. By settlement agreement, parents can contract to some terms a court can’t order. They may agree to take on obligations based on future events in ways a judge couldn't. Read:  #collaborativedivorce

For a summary of Florida’s informed consent requirements for psychiatrists, psychologists, LMHCs, LCSWs, LMFTs, registered nurse practitioners, & community mental health centers or clinics, go to #informedconsent #mentalhealth #collaborativedivorce.

Update beneficiary designations to reflect life's changes: marriage, birth of a child, divorce, separation, death of primary named beneficiaries. After you divorce, you may want or need to redesignate your ex.
Read: #collaborativedivorce #estateplanning

Free calculator to help you & your collaborative team figure out marital appreciation in Florida real property owned before the marriage, post-Kaaa v. Kaaa, 58 So. 3d 867 (Fla. 2010), see #collaborativedivorce #divorce #Kaaa

Have you been involved in #collaborative #divorces in which the parents' written agreement provided for something a judge otherwise never could've ordered? What made those things unavailable to a judge, had the parents not agreed to them? Read more:

The NY Post found that 20% of those seeking divorce were married within the past 5 months. Why have divorce rates skyrocketed? Listen to this interview to find out.

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Florida divorce. Spouse names out-of-state corporation to defend. Court determines there’s a basis for long arm jurisdiction to reach the corp. What’s next?
The court must then determine if the corporation has “minimum contacts” with Florida. Read more:

Have you faced challenges when the other parent won’t consent to mental health treatment for your child? How did you work through those challenges? Read more at Find a collaborative mental health professional at @FL_CollabCases or @IACPNews. #Mentalhealth

Florida favors settlement of family law disputes. Parents may agree to take on obligations a court couldn't otherwise order in an initial divorce or paternity case. Read more at  #collaborativedivorce #divorce #parenting

In a divorce, Florida courts may have general long arm jurisdiction over a foreign corp or trust engaged in “substantial and not isolated activity” in FL. How does its web activity affect the analysis? Read: #jurisdiction #Divorce Image by @FranckUXJapan

In Florida, parents who seek to modify parenting plans face an extraordinary burden - the “substantial change in circumstances” test. This test applies UNLESS the final judgment provides for a different standard. Read more: #childcustody #modification

If you've dealt with "mental health treatment" of a child in your family law cases, please share your experiences in the comments. Read example language for Florida parenting plans at Photo by @haileyreeed (Unsplash) #divorce #mentalhealth

Fifth Circuit Says Compelling Lawyers to Join State Bar May Violate First Amendment Rights | Carlton Fields

Florida just amended 2 statutes that automatically revoke beneficiary designations on divorce of an ex spouse: §732.507 (wills) & §736.1105 (revocable trusts). A similar statute applies to life insurance policies, IRAs, & POD accounts §732.703. #insurance

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