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In determining a child’s best interests in a divorce or paternity case, when can parents and a judge look ahead? How can they provide for changes when anticipated events occur? Read more: #parenting #divorce #custody

What Is “Mental Health Treatment”? Florida #divorce statutes don’t define it. So, how can #collaborativedivorce teams work through parents' consent to mental health treatment for their child? Read: Photo by Asdrubal Luna (Unsplash). #mentalhealth

How to select a Collaborative Professional:

Review the collaborative professional’s profile and website. Once you have identified the professionals who are a fit for your situation, schedule a consultation to determine if you have the right collaborative professional.

Florida law protects divorcing spouses by voiding upon entry of a final judgment of dissolution of marriage provisions of a will a married person made that “affect” a former spouse. Photo by @Juanmount (Unsplash).
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Dogs & cats may be "family," but FL law considers them personal property. Wife failed to return husband's nonmarital dog. He sought enforcement of the final judgment & asked the ct to find her in contempt. The ct erred by awarding him FMV of the dog, instead of the dog itself.

Collaborative Family Law Agreements: Protecting a Child's Future Best Interests. A trial judge has no crystal ball to determine if parenting plan changes, triggered by future events, would be in your child’s best interests. Read more at

Checklist for challenges to personal jurisdiction:
A corporation, partnership, or trust named in a Florida #divorce may consider challenging personal jurisdiction. Photo by @theaaronburden (Unsplash) #jurisdiction #businesslaw #familylaw #familylawyer

Florida’s #divorce law doesn’t define “mental health treatment.” When sharing parental responsibility, each parent may consent to such treatment. Read more: #mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #informedconsent.

A Parenting Plan governs time-sharing arrangements and decisions parents must make for the minor child. A judge may, but doesn't have to, approve a parenting plan you and the child's other parent agree on. But what about modifying it? Read more:

As you and your collaborative divorce team develop options for allocating the nonmarital and marital value of accounts you or your spouse brought into the marriage, the team may find this free #calculator useful.
#collaborativedivorce #CDFA #divorce

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we are experienced trial and family lawyers who are recognized leaders in conflict resolution. We welcome clients who want an ethical and strategic approach to resolving conflict. Call us today! (407) 644-4040

Free Florida Family Law case search tool. Search summaries of 10+ years of Florida family law cases through Friday, May 21, 2021, with links to opinions:
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A corporation or trust a spouse names in a Florida divorce may consider challenging allegations in the family law pleading. If the allegations fall short, the corporation or trust may seek dismissal. Read more:
#divorce #businesslaw

Collaborative family law agreements in FL divorces may address a child’s future best interests in ways judges can’t. A judge can’t engage in “prospective-based” analysis of a child’s best interests. Read more: .
#parenting #divorce #collaborativedivorce

In collaborative divorce, parents may explore protocols for their child’s mental health treatment. How may parents clarify their intent about mental health treatment for their child? Read more at:
#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #divorce

Can you build into your parenting plan modifications for events you anticipate? As you collaborate with your child’s other parent, what creative ideas might you propose to include in your final judgment and its contents? Read more: #collaborativedivorce

If you've dealt with automatic revocation of beneficiary designations under a will of an ex-spouse upon divorce, please comment.
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#wills #divorce #EstatePlanning

How may a business or trust challenge service of process to get out of a family law case in Florida? There is a checklist at:
#divorce #jurisdiction #businesslaw

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