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"There's no one-size-fits-all approach to a divorce,” Provder says. Read more advice on when to see a divorce lawyer here:

Then, visit our online directory at to find & speak with a #CollaborativeDivorce specialist near you!

Excellent international #collaborative panel from @IACPNews discussed #collaborativepractice in Hong Kong, Austrailia, Japan, Italy, & BC, Canada at @CollaborateFACP conference in Orlando. Orange County Circuit Judge Alice Blackwell moderated.


Famiglio v Famiglio, 05/10/2019 Every word counts in a #prenuptial agreement, even ‘a’ – the smallest word in English. It meant the difference in outcome of $1.5 million.

Statewide #collaborativepractice conference starts in 10 days in Orlando. #FACP @CollaborateFACP

Contract construction principles – apply to #prenuptial agreements, #postnuptial agreements, & #collaborative #maritalsettlementagreements:
(1) In construing a contract, the legal effect of its provisions should be determined from the words of the entire contract;

MAJOR NEWS: Tennessee has Adopted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act! This is great news for #CollaborativePractice everywhere. #IACP would like to congratulate the families & practitioners in Tennessee on this major development. READ MORE here >>

Tennessee Supreme Court today, April 1 2019, adopts the Uniform Collaborative Law Rule/Act as new Rule 53 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Tennessee
#collaborative #divorce #collaborativepractice

Florida family law: Shared Parenting, Florida Parenting Plans, & Consent to Child's Mental Health Treatment #collaborativepractice #collaborative #divorce #familylaw

@Hanna Horvath of @PolicyGenius discusses the importance of #premaritalagreements #prenuptialagreements, even if you don't (yet!) have the financial resources of @JeffBezos & MacKenzie Bezos. @SCL_Collaborate shares thoughts on ho…

Bolden v Bolden, 01/10/2019 – When allocating nonmarital & marital components of retirement accounts for equitable distribution, courts must calculate a “coverture fraction” = time employee married while in retirement plan divided by total time in plan.

FL Collaborative Law@FL_CollabCases

For calculating coverture fractions and marital components of nonmarital accounts in #collaborative #divorce cases, see free calculator at

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