Amended Florida Family Law Rule of Procedure 12.407 (December 13, 2018) is intended to protect children who may be harmed by unnecessary involvement in family law proceedings.

How may Florida parents in divorce and paternity cases handle decisions about mental health treatment for their child? How parents resolve disagreements about the child's mental health treatment? This series discusses share and so…

Thanks to #Collaborative Law Group of Central Florida members who celebrated #collaborativepractice in 2018 & the holidays at @Maxinesonshine last night (and to Suzanne Magee Fleming for the holiday socks!):

#collaborativepractice attorney Amy Goodblatt of @GoodblattLeo talks with #collaborativementalhealth therapist Renee Natvig about #CollaborativeDivorce. The #collaborativeprocess is ideal to allow the team to address “elephant in the room” issues.

#collaborativepractice teams: consider statutes automatically revoking on #divorce many beneficiary designations naming ex-spouses. #Florida & 25 other states have such statutes. See Sveen v. Melin, 138 S. Ct. 1815 (June 11, 2018)

#Florida law automatically revokes many beneficiary designations on #divorce. To avoid unintended results & costly fights, update designations on #lifeinsurance policies, #brokerage accounts, & other pay-on-death accounts.

To override automatic revocation on divorce of provisions in wills that "affect" an ex-spouse, update #estateplanning and #wills after #divorce.

Beneficiary designations after divorce; Considerations for #collaborativepractice teams.

Brenda London of @aikinfamilylaw talks with #collaborativementalhealth therapist, Renee Natvig about #CollaborativeDivorce. Brenda describes “magical moments” in #collaborativepractice when parties resolve something they didn’t think they could.

Leo Borg, 15, is an aspiring tennis player with a renowned last name. I went to Sweden and talked to his parents, Björn and Patricia, about the universal challenges of parenting, the subtle burdens of fame and the merits of following your dreams.

#collaborativepractice #collaborativepaternity give parents power to look to likely future events, write parenting plans encompassing them, present agreements to the court as in child’s best interests, & avoid costly, time-consuming modifications, financial discovery, litigation.

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Horton - Prohibiting any prospective determination of parenting means many parties end up back in court seeking to modify the parenting plan or timesharing. Timesharing impacts child support, so financial information has to again be disclosed.

On behalf of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida, co-president, Hon. Alice Blackwell, presents an award November 14, 2018 to Brenda London of @aikinfamilylaw for 10 years' service as Administrator.

The Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida honors Lee Sasser of @Webersass November 14, 2018 with the Thomas V. Behan Award of Collaborative Excellence for a decade of contributions to #collaborativepractice. Tom would've been as proud as we are of Lee! #collaborative


Congratulations to Wendy Aikin & Brenda London of @aikinfamilylaw and @BKellyPhD on receiving recognition last night for 10+ years service as board members & architects of 120+ member Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida. #collaborativepractice #collaborative

#collaborativepractice attorney & @CollaborateFACP board of director member, @AJGrossmanIII of @Markslawfla talks with #collaborativementalhealth therapist, Renee Natvig about #CollaborativeDivorce compared to other dispute resolution options.

Renee Natvig interviews #collaborativepractice attorney & @CollaborateFACP leader Carina Leeson. #CollaborativeDivorce offers couples control over privacy, expenditures, & opportunities to do MORE out-of-court than they'd have to do in a litigated case.

Renee Natvig interviews Florida #collaborative attorney Kelly Forst in collaborative podcast series. #Divorce doesn't have to be a battle.

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