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As a Florida parent, you may agree your judgment will provide for a lesser burden for either parent to modify your parenting plan provisions than a Florida judge would otherwise impose. Read: Photo: Victor Freitas on @unsplash. #collaborativedivorce.

For answers to common questions people have about Florida Collaborative Divorce, read: Learn about Florida divorce options at the @CollaborateFACP or @FamilyLawFla of @TheFlaBar. #collaborativedivorce

A “financial neutral” in Collaborative Divorce is a financial advisor that works equally with you and your spouse. They help create a viable financial future and an equitable distribution of resources so both parties can move forward.

December Florida family law cases summaries have been released!

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Are you looking for a way to build your hybrid or online practice?

Join Woody Mosten & Susan Guthrie & guest presenters online for a 3-day course & CEU opportunity, Building a Satisfying Collaborative Practice, from Jan 26 – 28 @ 8:00 am – 12:30 PM PST.

Bob Merlin, FACP President, was just featured in @TheFlaBar News about the Collaborative Process and World Creativity and Innovation Week 2022.
#WCIW #WCID #CollaborativeProcess

Collaborative Process is mainly used in family law. But why? Read how Collaborative Process improves the experience and lowers the cost and time involved in resolving non-family, civil litigation matters. @maryjuetten
#CollaborativeDivorce #Collaborative

What a career for @FLBarNews by Senior Editor Gary Blankenship! 💪🏻 ✍

We're sure gonna miss you, Gary! Now go enjoy retirement - you've earned it! 😎 🌇 👋 ⚖

Free case search tool. Ten years of Florida family law case summaries through December 31, 2021.
Plug in keywords [eg: 'parenting' or 'alimony' or 'prenuptial']. Get links to cases.
Video by @piro4d on @pixabay. #collaborativedivorce #divorce #familylaw

NEW BLOG! All about time sharing tips.

or a free calculator to help you and your collaborative team figure out the marital appreciation in nonmarital assets, visit Video by @tommyvideo on @pixabay. #divorce #calculator #CDFA #CFP.

If property at issue in a #divorce is in the court’s jurisdiction, it doesn’t matter if the owners reside outside Florida. The court has jurisdiction over the property. For advice about jurisdiction & property in Florida, consult a member of @RPPTL_FL or the @FamilyLawFla.

You may be wondering, "How do Collaborative professionals get their Collaborative cases?" Read about the experience of Catherine S. Eaton, Esq. in, "It Starts When You Pick Up the Phone."
#collaborativedivorce #CollaborativeProfessionals

Collaborative divorce allows separating parents to be people their kids see in a good light: working out tough issues honestly & with respect. To learn more about your options, consult the @FamilyLawFla, the @CollaborateFACP or the @IACPNews. Photo: Pixnio #collaborativedivorce.

"I often feel like I am the 'third side' and I provide the balcony for couples to act, not react, and to find a way to compromise."

Read "A Financial Perspective from the Balcony" by Gina Gallo, CFP.
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