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Interesting Florida family law cases for the week ending May 1, 2020. Search for free Florida family law case summaries since 2011 at
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A smoothly working collaborative team feels when clients are moving in sync towards resolving their family law problems.

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Collaborative Divorce Explained via @YouTube - Another excellent video from @AJGrossmanIII

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To browse or search recent Florida family case summaries, visit free Florida family law case search tool at:

Growth in value & appreciation of nonmarital property (home) from either spouse's efforts during the marriage or spending marital funds or assets is a marital asset. Nathey v. Nathey, February 26, 2020 (Florida 2d DCA).

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Let's talk taxes! (Our not so favorite topic.)

For recent Florida family case summaries, visit free Florida family law case search tool at:

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Interesting Florida family law cases come out every week. Try searching by keyword or phrases...parenting plan..alimony..child support...equitable distribution...homestead...marital property..prenuptial fees...relocation.

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