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As a Florida parent divorcing, you may agree your judgment will provide for a lesser burden for modifying your parenting plan than the burden Florida law otherwise imposes.
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For answers to FAQs about Florida Collaborative Divorce, read:
Learn more about your Florida divorce options at the
@CollaborateFACP or the @FamilyLawFla. Find more resources at @IACPNews.

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How does your parenting plan anticipate your child’s developmental stages and each parent’s role? Find a Florida mental health professional at the @FlaPsychAssoc, @FMHCA, @MHACF and collaborative professional at @CollaborateFACP or @IACPNews. #collaborativedivorce

Statutes, case law, rules, and evidence constrain a Florida family judge’s power.

What can you and your spouse agree to in a #collaborative #divorce that a judge couldn’t order without your agreement?

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The collaborative environment fosters contract freedom. Federal and state law protect the freedom to contract as a liberty and property right.
States can’t take away the right to contract without due process. The Federal Constitution’s Contract Clause and state constitution

This calculator may help you and your collaborative team in Florida divorces figure out marital appreciation (enhancement) in a home one spouse owned before the marriage. See Videos by Alex Kopeykin on @pixabay. #collaborativedivorce #freecalculator.

Nobody has a crystal ball, so it’s best to prepare for whatever the future may bring. In this article, Marianela Collado walks us through a case where she used modeling and analysis to help her client prepare for her life after divorce.

Tri-custody arrangement, White v. Lee-Yuk, No. 3D21-2460 (Fla 3d DCA Sep 21 2022). Lesbian mom, her wife, & gay (married) bio dad fight over son. Ct says mom can’t temporarily relocate to Oklahoma.
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In this interview with FACP member Brenda London, she discusses how Collaborative Law benefits families and how she helps younger lawyers find their stride.

The Collaborative Process isn’t just for #divorce.

Read the article in the @InnsOfCourt September/October 2022 The Bencher by Collaborative lawyer, Joryn Jenkins, of @OpenPalmLaw about #collaborative marriage planning. #collaborativemarriageplanning

A Collaborative Divorce financial professional guides you to understand your current financial situation. What are your options for dividing assets? What’s possible? Practical? What information do you need to understand things? What options are there for child support & alimony?

What is Collaborative Divorce? Will it work for you? Here is a classic piece from Elaine Silver about Collaborative Divorce and how it can help couples come together to amicably separate.

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Telling your children about your divorce is one of the most critical parts of a divorce. Lindsay Harrison has written this beautiful article detailing strategies for speaking to your child and keeping your family intact.

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#CollaborativeDivorce is designed to help couples minimize the financial and emotional costs of #divorce while still protecting their interests, including children, assets and businesses. Learn more here:

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For Florida’s informed consent requirements to mental health treatment of a child, read

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Same-Sex Divorce can bring challenges that other divorces may not have to consider. This article from Gina Gallo, CFP, is a very insightful description of what those challenges might entail.

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The thought of alimony has left many in cold sweats. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out Marianela Collado’s article: The Alimony Pill — Making it Easier to Swallow:

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Try this free Florida divorce calculator to help you and your collaborative team figure out the marital appreciation in nonmarital assets:
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A spouse suing a foreign corp in a Fla divorce may claim the corp is the other spouse’s “alter ego.” The spouse may urge the judge to “pierce the corporate veil” of the corp. Read: For advice, visit @FamilyLawFla or @FlaBizLaw. Photo @HerbGG (@unsplash).

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