Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program

The State of Florida has set up an Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses COVID-19 has affected.  Loans are for up to $50,000, but may go up to $100,000  in special circumstances.  They’re short-term (1 year), interest-free working capital loans. Loan Details Principal Amount: Up to $50,000; in special cases, up to $100,000. Term: 1 year Interest rate: Zero percent (0%) for the loan term; then 12% per annum on the unpaid balance. Borrowers must repay the loans from longer term financial resources. Any previous bridge loans the applicant received must have paid off in full. More information is available at: web:  https://covid19.floridajobs.org/  email: Disaster@FloridaSBDC.org tel: (833) 832-4494 Bridge to ocean sunset Eligible businesses applying for the bridge loans must:
  • be a for‐profit, privately held small business (2 to 100 employees);
  • maintain a place of business in Florida;
  • be in a designated disaster area – Executive Order 20‐52 are all Florida counties;
  • be established before March 9, 2020 (the date of the designated COVID-19 disaster);
  • be able to demonstrate economic injury that the designated disaster caused;
  • show they need the loan and that they’ll use proceeds directly for the economic injury the designated disaster caused;
  • be eligible for assistance based on the activities the business conducts according to State of Florida guidelines;
  • own at least 51% of equity of business;
  • sign an agreement that the loan proceeds will be used only to maintain or restart the business in the designated area; and
  • certify the proceeds of insurance claims, other loans applied for or to be applied for, or other financial assistance will go to repay the loan.
Businesses Not Eligible:
  • Businesses deriving more than one-third of gross annual revenue from legal gambling activities;
  • Businesses engaged in any illegal activity;
  • Businesses that present live performances of an indecent sexual nature or derive directly or indirectly more 2.5% of gross revenue through the sale of products or services, or the presentation of any depictions or displays, of an indecent sexual nature;
  • Businesses with a primary purpose of facilitating polyamorous relationships;
  • Massage parlors;
  • Hot tub facilities; and
  • Escort services.

Click to Get the Florida Bridge Loan Application

Submit completed applications and required documents to:


Apply online here after establishing an account here.

OR By mail or courier: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, C/O Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan, 107 E. Madison Street, MSC-160, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4120Sign Business Closed Next Steps: Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will review the application.  If it finds the applicant eligible, and the application and support documentation are complete, the Florida SBDC Representative will request a personal credit report from Florida First Capital Finance Corporation (the loan underwriter).  The SBDC representative will forward all materials to the Loan Review Committee.  If the SBDC finds the applicant ineligible, its representative will notify the applicant.  If the application or support documentation is incomplete, or the loan review committee requests additional information, the representative will follow up with the applicant for needed information. The Loan Review Committee will review materials and approve or deny the loan request and notify the Florida SBDC representative of the loan committee’s decision. If the Loan Review Committee approves the application, the Florida First Capital Fiance Corporation will prepare loan closing documents and check for the loan proceeds. The SBDC or partner bank representative will finish the closing process and distribute the loan proceeds. Closing Documents: Closing documents provided to the applicant at closing will include:
  1. Promissory Note.
  2. Business Purpose Statement.
  3. Loan Settlement Statement.
  4. Assignment of Proceeds from other Sources.
  5. Closing Checklist.
  6. Payment Coupon.

NEED FREE LEGAL HELP WITH THE BRIDGE LOAN PROCESS? Consider the Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Pro Bono Legal Assistance Program

Losey Logo Losey PLLC Florida Law Firm Leads Pro Bono Legal Assistance to Small Business Bridge Loan Applicants Subject to conflicts and availability, Losey PLLC will offer pro bono (no‐cost) legal assistance to small businesses who need help with the process for applying for the Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program. Businesses seeking assistance can email floridadisasterloan@losey.law and Losey will respond as soon as possible.  Losey may provide information to another firm or attorney who has agreed to be part of the pro bono effort, to respond directly to the business needing legal assistance with applying. Sending an email to Losey creates no attorney‐client relationship, obligate Losey to provide legal advice to you, or requires Losey to keep the contents of your submission confidential. Lawyers willing to assist may email volunteer@losey.law to be added to the roster. Bridge to forest

Federal Paycheck Protection Program Loans

Business Owners may review the eligibility requirements and a sample application for federal loans available through the United States Small Business Administration under the new Payroll Protection Program.


The Paycheck Protection Program, available through June 30, 2020, is a loan to give small businesses incentives to keep their workers on the payroll.  The SBA will forgive loans if the business keeps all employees on the payroll for 8 weeks and uses the money for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities.

Small business with less than 500 employees (including sole proprietorships, independent contractors and self-employed persons), private non-profit organizations or 501(c)(19) veterans organizations affected by coronavirus/COVID-19 may qualify for the PPP loans.
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